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Turin, 1971: the history of Brooksfield kicks off in the heart of Piedmont. Originally focused on the manufacturing of top-quality men’s trousers, the brand soon expanded its offering to include a true total look, refined and fashionable, dedicated to a man who pays attention to style but steers clear of seasonal or fleeting trends.

The Brooksfield man embraces daywear with a laid-back attitude, with the help of a wardrobe that is updated season after season, adding timeless pieces chosen with care for the mere pleasure of wearing them, and for their utter versatility.

In Brooksfield’s collections there is no room for ostentatious offerings, indissolubly connected to the short-lived trends du jour: each element for each season is conceived to be teamed with the other designs, not only within the single collection, but also with previous and future ones.

The secret of this progressive construction of a wardrobe that is cozy and fashionable at the same time lies in the utmost attention to quality craftsmanship and to details that is exquisitely Italian, and that, like a constant thread, certifies that from the raw materials to the finished product each Brooksfield item may become the proud holder of a comprehensive “Made in Italy” denomination.